Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays are Upon Us

Well my lovelies, I've decided to write you a quick little love note before I head home to the lovely mountains of Virginia for a feasting on turkey and napping on my parents couch.
I'm sorry that I have been distant lately, life was happening. Drunken, mischievous, nude, thievery life deeds were taking place, so I put you on the back burner. Sorry?? However I will have you know that I have been making progress in the studio lately. I've finished two brooches this week. Thank you, thank you. I recently decided that the new body of work that I'll be making for my show at Arrowmont in March will consist of wearable objects, relating to moments in my life. Not too new considering my thesis body of work dealt with the same theme, but I'm working on representing moments with non-precious materials. Since the price of silver has decided to sky rocket up to almost $30.00 and ounce. What is a girl to do? No, no I already tried selling myself on the street corner. No takers. So to copper I go. I've also begun to incorporate found materials into my work, something that I've done only casually before. I never meant for it to get serious, but you know how it happens... you start of casual, and before you know it. BAM! There you are allowing yourself to become committed to a body of work. It happens.
So going home with me will be two brooches. One incorporates a found stone and an enamel of the view from the top of a waterfall. The other is a more simple enameled piece with a drawing from a dream I had. I love being able to remember my dreams, and lately I've had some really killer ones that have lead to phone calls to my friends. But if any of you are dream experts, give me a call. I know swimming deals with my subconscious, and for two nights in a row I was swimming in the ocean. We'll see what this means. So my beautiful peoples, until after I have been well filled with turkey, gravy, and my mom's homemade mac-n-cheese. Happy Thanksgiving.

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