Monday, November 29, 2010

Well, Turkey day is over and I have returned from the mountains of Virginia. Quick trip home, and I wasn't able to see everyone I wanted to. I guess that is how the holidays go as you get older. My little sister just realized this is going to be her last "break" for life. She graduates the 10th of december and starts her new job two days later. I don't even know if she is going to be able to come home for more than the weekend at Christmas. The real world I guess. Seems very bleak and bland. Jobs, steady paychecks, health care, pissssh! Who really needs all of that. haha. Yes I know, many people. Don't worry I know how lucky I am, leading the romantic life of an artist. Here, there, never anywhere very long. Riding the back of the wind, with nothing and no one to stop me. My demonic cat as my side-kick, but no capes! Ah yes, life is grand. On to more important matters than my rambling. Work.. yes I do that from time to time.
Since returning from Holiday... let me see. More drawing. A ring, almost done. A pendant from an old clip on earring of my grandmothers. More to come. I've got to check off my christmas list. slowly . slowly.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays are Upon Us

Well my lovelies, I've decided to write you a quick little love note before I head home to the lovely mountains of Virginia for a feasting on turkey and napping on my parents couch.
I'm sorry that I have been distant lately, life was happening. Drunken, mischievous, nude, thievery life deeds were taking place, so I put you on the back burner. Sorry?? However I will have you know that I have been making progress in the studio lately. I've finished two brooches this week. Thank you, thank you. I recently decided that the new body of work that I'll be making for my show at Arrowmont in March will consist of wearable objects, relating to moments in my life. Not too new considering my thesis body of work dealt with the same theme, but I'm working on representing moments with non-precious materials. Since the price of silver has decided to sky rocket up to almost $30.00 and ounce. What is a girl to do? No, no I already tried selling myself on the street corner. No takers. So to copper I go. I've also begun to incorporate found materials into my work, something that I've done only casually before. I never meant for it to get serious, but you know how it happens... you start of casual, and before you know it. BAM! There you are allowing yourself to become committed to a body of work. It happens.
So going home with me will be two brooches. One incorporates a found stone and an enamel of the view from the top of a waterfall. The other is a more simple enameled piece with a drawing from a dream I had. I love being able to remember my dreams, and lately I've had some really killer ones that have lead to phone calls to my friends. But if any of you are dream experts, give me a call. I know swimming deals with my subconscious, and for two nights in a row I was swimming in the ocean. We'll see what this means. So my beautiful peoples, until after I have been well filled with turkey, gravy, and my mom's homemade mac-n-cheese. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fork and Spoon

Mother of Pearl! They are done and sexy as hell! I love how Liz gave the broken heart the grey enamel and the full heart the white one, even though she admits that was by accident.. still marvelous! I can't wait to hold them in my hands! OHHH!! So check out the finished heart and spoon pair ! We are still working on a name for them.. my thought is something along the lines of bride and spinster? bride and widow?.. no I don't like implying that both women were married... but maybe the widow killed her husband? Could put an interesting twist on the story.
Also today was my first Art reach class, 8th grade... they get a little bit full of themselves by that point. Ha! I really had a great time. The students are very high energy and very excited about things, even if they have no idea what the hell is going on. A new and fresh kind of energy to have in the studio, which I appreciate. Tomorrow I believe we have 8th graders again.. new school. We'll see how these new guys compare. But so far so good. I'm going to adjust my project a little bit for the other grades, which I feel will help with time management. Hmm.. yes yes... much to mull over... we'll talk more tomorrow.. thank you- yes another beer.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well their bags are packed and everyone is gone. The figurative symposium has left Arrowmont Campus. I know I don't work in clay, but I'm an even bigger fan now than before! You can check out the symposium website here There are images of the artist work and soon the opening remarks given by the keynote should be published. You should read this! I know it won't be the same as having Kim's voice, but a very beautiful opening to a wonderful weekend. Being able to work with the visiting artists and guest was such a wonderful experience, everyone was amazing and wonderfully fresh.  We also had a keg and many many bottles of wine every night... maybe that helped with the amazing factor. By far one of the favorite invited artists who also demoed during the symposium was Arrowmont's very own Thaddeus Erdahl. Also known as T.J, he not only demoed during the symposium, but also played a vital and key part in the organizing.
On the calendar for this week: We have art reach classes starting on Wednesday! Ah! Prepare for the children. Tiny and not so tiny peoples will be invading the campus starting this week! There is also an engagement ring to be finished by this friday. Two pieces for Bob's auction. Work to mail out. Two more pieces for a show at the Lee Hansley gallery in Raliegh, NC. So much to do... I think I'll go get cozy on the couch and watch a movie.