Monday, October 31, 2011


The building arrived on wednesday and this weekend my Dad and I insulated! oh the joys of fiberglass. Waiting for the electricity to be turned on and then I get to hang drywall! Soon, very soon. Muhahahahahaa! Then I get to move in and start working!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Studio!!!

Here is the new studio site! I have two lovely old cedar trees on the road leading up to it, they are named "Herman" and "Leroy"... Herman is the one with the chains. Strange fellow, but we get along great. Laid out on the ground are the corners of where my little space will be. Pig the sweet pitbull off to the side is my guard dog. As long as you try to rob me during a thunderstorm you'll be fine. She'll hide under something the whole time. The large pile of trees and branches in the background is the bunny palace! For spring I'm planning a straw and mud roof, to be decorated with wildflowers. I think the bunnies will approve.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Land of Goshen

Since I've arrived home I've continued to build the body of work I started while in Wyoming. I'm planning for three wearable pieces to soon be finished and shipped off to a show in San Antonio. I'm also lucky enough to have a 10' x 16' building coming this wednesday which will serve as my studio!!! Yah! So I'll soon have my bench, enameling kiln, raising station and christmas lights up and running! All I need now is for my good friend Marty to come home for a visit to see it! ( I think you might be the only one who reads this, miss you!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Arrived home in Virginia on September 13th at about 5:29pm. I stayed long enough to unpack my bags and boxes that have been slowly accumulating in my room during this past year of travel. Last week I was at Arrowmont, reviving my soul. Being able to spend time with all the amazing people there was such an unexpected gift. I went for the weekend and somehow didn't leave until the next Friday. There was just too much to be done, running to get the keg, making a white bunny pinata, watching the bunny be killed, polishing a belt buckle, all the most important things in life. Now I am home in Goshen once again and will leave for Penland next week. I'm assisting Marlene True in her class Tin Handbags, Purses & Attaches. YAHHHHHH!! and the peasants rejoice!