Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Day in Gatlinburg

Well... we have snow in the lovely city of Gatlinburg! I've returned from the Holiday break and now have only 2 months before the Arrowmont Artists-In-Residence show goes up. So for now it is work work work.  Currently I have a table covered in lovely lady coins, compliments of my good friend and housemate, Shawn. I'm piercing out the sexy ladies and giving them a background. Several of the backgrounds are old buttons from my grandmother's collection. I've also recently begun a love affair with pearls... so I'm throwing a few of those into each piece so far, just for good measure. There is a beautiful piece of jade I was gifted by my two bestest friends, that will soon become a quite spectacular brooch/pendant. I'll get a picture up soon enough, so you can see the mess that is my studio.