Sunday, September 11, 2011


 We all know Lynn D was the real culprit behind the empty wine bottles!!
Some of the pieces I made this month. Everything got hung on the wall.

The studio is all packed up. Finishing a few final pieces and soon I'll be on a plane headed back to the east coast. Hello Virginia! It won't be easy saying goodbye to so many amazing ladies. We have had a great time during this past month, group dinners, hikes in the snake hills, lots of laughing, adventures, river floating, blaming Tawni for all the empty wine bottles, and yelling at grey kitty for stealing the strawberries! While I was able to see a real live cowboy at the Occidential bar in Buffalo, I didn't get a picture. Sorry. Photos of us all in our orange vests headed for a rumble on the road with the purples will have to do. Coming soon.

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  1. The wire pieces are like 3-D drawing, ethereal and delicate. Very cool. Where will they take you?