Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Small Town America

Columbia,  North Carolina- the hardware store down the street from Pocosin has a grab box of nuts, nails, screws, ect for .10 cents each. There are tomato and green pepper plants on a rack outside, down the block is the post office with two windows, but one always seems to be closed. I get to check the mail P.O Box 690. Across the street from the post office on the corner is the only bar in town, you have to go upstairs from the restaurant. No weapons, please. thank you- management. I like to say that my window over looks the water, but it really over looks the chain link fence surrounding a city property parking lot, that over looks the water. By water I mean the Scuppernog River, which leads to the Albemarle Sound, which leads to the Plamico Sound, which leads to the Atlantic Ocean. I'm thinking about exploring my inner Huckle Berry Finn and building myself a fucking raft. We'll see how far I get with that.
Since I am no longer responsible for the resident blog at Arrowmont, hey!! I've decided I'll spend some time with my own. Aren't you feeling lucky. Well?
My residency here at Pocosin, so far is going quite well. A completely different feeling from Arrowmont. Here, the total staff count is 3, 4 maybe depending on how you count.  This non-profit arts & crafts program is fighting for every dollar, but the people here are making it happen. Feather ( isn't that a lovely name) is the fearless leader of Pocosin Folk Arts. You have an idea about how to get help, or to make something happen and BAM! Feather has made a few phone calls and has meetings set up to discuss the matter. Everyone works together in a large room upstairs from the gallery/ studio spaces. There are no offices here, just ONE office. Gone are the days of lunch break nookie in the office with your blinds down. Dang.
Change of Topic: Tonight on my jog about town I passed a house that was on brick supports/ stilts, and clearly had no one living there. I'm going to get pictures tomorrow to share with everyone. And of course if you are planning a trip to the beach, please stop in and say hello!

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