Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello Wyoming

This is my home for the month. Yes, that tiny clustering of trees holds a house and studio complex for 6 artist. After getting in and settled into the studio and my lovely room, some work was started and of course a hike in the "1,000 acres" was required. Two of my fellow residents and I were only about 1/2 mile in when a lovely large rattlesnake stretched across the trail gave us a good heart check.
My wildlife experiences this year have been amazing. Let us review: Gatlinburg, TN- Black Bear, Columbia, NC- Bobcat,  Deer Isle, ME- Bald Eagle, Jentel, WY- Rattle Snake & Porcupine.  Yes, I am getting work done, more pictures will follow in a few days when the pieces have a little more body to them.

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